Services Guide

Included in membership

1) Wellness Visits
-Annual wellness/physical examinations
-Well baby and child care visits 
-School, sports, and camp physicals
-Gynecological exams, including PAP and breast exam
-Health goals setting and planning
-Healthy eating planning
-Weight loss planning
-Stress management
-Fitness counseling
-Smoking cessation
-Vision screening
-Cancer screening

2) Visits due to illness or injury
-Sick visits and follow-up visits
-Orthopedic services (strains, sprains, joint injections)
-Treatment of rashes and other skin disorders
-Laceration repair
-Minor burns treatment
-Incision and drainage of abscesses
-Removal of cysts, other lesions
-Cryotherapy for removal of warts, other skin lesions
-Skin tag removal
-Evaluation and treatment of minor eye injuries

3) Chronic disease management
-High blood pressure
-High cholesterol
-Thyroid disorders
-Asthma & COPD
-Allergies and eczema
-Depression and Anxiety Disorders, such as ADHD
-Stable Bipolar Disorder and other mental health issues

4) Diagnostic testing
-Pulse Oximetry
-Peak Flow Meter

5) Procedures
-Abscess incision and drainage
-Ear wax removal
-Wart Freezing
-Cyst removal*
-Simple sutures
-Ingrown toenail removal
-Steroid joint injections
-Joint aspiration (removing fluid from joint)
-Basic wound care
-Skin biopsy*
-Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy – 6 visits/year included
-Pap smear, with HPV testing when appropriate*
*Patient is responsible for specimen analysis (pathology) fees

Available at additional cost

1) Laboratory testing
-STD testing (Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Herpes, HIV) 
-Blood draws available through local lab

2) Medication dispensary
-Medications at wholesale prices
-Medications not in stock may be ordered, often for next day delivery
-$3 dispensing fee

3) Migraine and facial nerve pain management via Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG) Block

4) Durable medical equipment at wholesale cost
-Wrist splints
-Knee braces
-Arm Sling
-Other equipment may be ordered if not in stock

5) Fee based in-office testing
-Rapid strep test
-Rapid flu test
-COVID testing (PCR and rapid tests available)
-Fingerstick glucose testing
-Urine pregnancy test
-Hemoccult (testing for blood in stool)
-Yeast infection testing
-Bacterial vaginosis testing


Healthcare services received outside of Good Company Wellness Clinic including, but not limited to, emergency room visits, urgent care visits, hospital and specialist care, and imaging and laboratory tests performed by third parties not prearranged with Clinic are not included with the monthly charge.

How is Good Company Wellness Clinic different from other primary care practices?

-Same day or next-business day office appointments, Monday through Friday excluding holidays.
-After hours and weekend visits by appointment, based on availability and necessity
-More time spent with the physician, up to 90-minute visit with 30-minute follow-up visits, as needed – not the typical 7-min visit
-One-hour long annual wellness exam
-Care when you need it: appointments at your convenience, when appropriate
-Communicate directly with your physician via text, email, video and phone services
-Labs and radiology with transparent prices
-Prescription medications filled in the office at wholesale prices with savings passed directly to the patient
-Laboratory and Radiology test results communicated to you clearly, with explanation and recommendations in plain language
-Health problems identified and addressed before becoming major and more costly
-Routine or simple issues may be safely handled through phone, text messaging or email saving you time when office visits aren’t necessary
-Increased access to your physician, reducing need for urgent care or ER visits
-No scheduling fees or co-pays
-No obligation: you may cancel your contract with Good Company Wellness Clinic at any time (although we don’t think you’ll want to).