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Healthcare the way it should be

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is ...

An enduring and trusting relationship between a patient and their primary care provider

DPC  is an innovative payment model improving access to high quality healthcare with a simple, flat, affordable membership fee.  You will have extraordinary access to your physician, who is accountable first and foremost to YOU (not your insurance companies).  

Getting seen today

Emergency rooms are expensive. Urgent Care doesn’t know you. Your own provider can’t see you for another 2 weeks, only spends 5 minutes with you … and then you get a large bill 2 months later, and… you know the story.

Our membership plan is affordable, has transparent pricing, and you can get seen TODAY.

Included Services

Preventive Health and Wellness Exams

annual physical and the lab work included at cost. In addition our health and wellness consultation and coaching based on your physical, lab work, and your personal health goals.

Urgent Primary Care

DPC patient population is much smaller than a traditional fee-for-service based primary care office, so we usually have same day or next day appointments available to address urgent concerns such as lacerations, UTIs, mild asthma attacks, etc

Virtual Care

Typically insurance companies will only reimburse primary care providers for in person office visits. Since we aren't subordinate to insurance we can provide care in whatever way you need us to; text, email, phone call, video chat are all options.

Wholesale prices passed along to you

Your membership fees are what support our providers. We don't need to upcharge you for Labs, medications, medical supplies or x-rays. You receive these services at the costs we pay. This allows us to have transparent prices.

Your Doctor available at your fingertips

Membership Pricing

Family $200/month

For 2 adults and up to 3 children under 18 years

Age 0-17

Age 18-26 in College

Age 18-45 $65/month

Age 46-64 $85/month

Age 65+

OMM Subscription

Up to three 30 minute sessions/ month

Interested in membership